Mike Greenwell sworn in as Lee County Commissioner


LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Governor Ron DeSantis’ pick to replace the late Frank Mann for Lee County Commissioner District 5 seat completed his first day of work Tuesday.

Mike Greenwell was sworn in Tuesday morning and spoke with NBC2 minutes before the meeting started.

“Now that I’m the county commissioner, I’m going to do the best job I can for the county and for the people that I serve,” said Greenwell.

The last minute decision by Governor DeSantis to appoint Greenwell hasn’t sat well with the other two republican candidates on the August primary ballot.

In an interview with Joseph Gambino and John Albion, they said this seems like a foul decision.

“I think he should step down from the county commission,” said Gambino.

“It would have at least questioned why we are doing this now,” said Albion.


Greenwell said that because of his business and his time in the district is what stood out for the Governor when he made his decision to appoint him to the seat.

“Obviously the Governor reviewed this and he saw my business background and the fact that I live in a district and have represented the community in a positive way,” said Greewell.

One thing that we asked Greenwell about was his well known plans to turn a piece of property that he owns into a residential and commercial area. The property sits just south of Babcock Ranch in Alva on state highway 31.

“We started well over a year ago on that process. Obviously I had no idea I would be sitting in this seat talking to you about this a year later. It’s just the timing is what it is,” said Greenwell.

Greenwell owns and operates a restaurant and a pick produce store on the property.

“We want to see some expansion on the property and I feel like we will be able to do that eventually, but I obviously won’t be voting for that decision” said Greenwell.

Although Greenwell acknowledged this plan has been put in place, Lee County has not confirmed that this item will be discussed at the moment in any future meetings.

Greenwell will temporarily hold the position on the Board of County Commissioners, but voters will have the final say soon on who is elected for the District 5 seat.

“We feel pretty confident. I feel having the support of Governor Desantis is important to me. I think he’s a very popular governor,” said Greenwell.

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