Mike Rahn’s ex-wife endorses him after mailer asserts he’s a delinquent dad


A political committee put out mailers attacking his finances.

A committee backing Manatee County Commissioner Misty Servia attacked her GOP Primary opponent over alimony and child support. But Mike Rahn’s ex-wife said he always honored his commitments as a father — and even endorsed his candidacy.

“Although our marriage did not work out, I respect Mike and I appreciate the way he has fathered our children,” said ex-wife Sharon Jobe. “I would vote for Mike and encourage everyone in Manatee who can to do the same.”

Citizens for Clean Government sent a mailer out headlined “Mike Rahn is wrong for Manatee” before diving into his financial matters. It cites a tax lien in Sarasota and another lien tied to a contractor dispute.

But the most personal attack parses Rahn’s divorce filings and asserts Rahn “tried to dodge paying spousal support.”

“Despite making 4x the money his wife made, Mike Rahn claimed he couldn’t afford to pay support to the mother of his children,” the mailer states. “Ultimately, Rahn was ordered to pay.”

But Rahn’s campaign punched back and actually contacted his ex. Anthony Pedicini posted a video communication disputing the allegations.

“Our divorce is being used to defame my ex-husband,” she said. “Misty Servia, take down your ad. It is a lie and a low blow. Mike is a wonderful father and never tried to shirk his responsibilities or reduce his support payments.”

Rahn and Jobe began divorce proceedings in Manatee County in 1997.

Servia, asked for comment, pointed to court filings which, in addition to confirming Rahn’s and Jobe’s incomes at the time, showed Rahn argued against a need to pay alimony. Rahn at the time worked at SunTrust and had an income of $100,000. As an office manager at an elementary school, Jobe earned $25,000.

A judge in 1998 ultimately ruled Rahn should pay just over $1,500 a month.

But importantly, the money was specifically ordered for child support for the couple’s two children. The order makes clear payments should stop when the children reach adulthood.

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