Multiple agencies investigate abandoned boat sinking in Cape Coral’s Bimini Basin


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — An abandoned boat sinking in the Bimini Basin has neighbors concerned.

Tuesday, five agencies including the FWC, DEP, U.S. Coast Guard, and Cape Coral Police & Fire Departments flooded a vacant property off Tudor Drive to investigate.

Neighbors said the boat filled with junk has been tied up to the seawall for over a month. “There were three guys that were frequenting the boat. Not staying every night but a lot. It just looked sketchy….people how they came and went and with big backpacks every time,” said neighbor Bobby Jenkins.

It wasn’t until Monday night, when the DEP and U.S. Coast Guard responded. Their concern was the boat suddenly taking on water, sinking. This morning we woke up and the boat was sunk. We were like, ‘What? What’s going on?” Said neighbor Karen Lapio.

The DEP determined the sheen sitting on the water did not post a threat of pollution. FWC officers launched an investigation to track down the owner of the vessel and come up with a plan to remove it.

The owner said he bought the boat with engine issues 30 days ago for $1,500 when it was tied up to the private lot. He planned fix the engine himself. But he often had to shoo away the same squatters living on the boat.

Cape Coral Police Department is investigating.


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