Mystery animal damages Lehigh Acres family’s car


LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. — On Monday, a family on Oak Ave. in Lehigh Acres woke up to excessive damage to one of the cars in their driveway.

At first, the Ramirez’s thought it was vandalism, but then they realized it had to be an animal.

“We’re just concerned like what could have done this,” said Rosy Ramirez.

The Challenger has scratch marks, deep teeth-like looking holes, and footprints on the hood of the car.

“You never know what could be out here, so I’m like watch your surroundings and be careful,” said Ramirez.

Another car on 29th St SW was hit 10 days ago by animals. That home sits just fifteen minutes away from the Ramirez’s.

Florida, Fish, and Wildlife looked over the pictures of the Ramirez’s damage, and they say it could be from a dog but it’s very hard to tell.


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