Naples man accused of hitting boy in the face during bowling alley dispute


NAPLES, Fla. — A man has been arrested after he allegedly hit a boy in the face during an argument between 15 people at Headpinz Naples on Saturday night.

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), at around 7:41 p.m. deputies arrived to the scene at 8525 Radio Ln where 15 people were reportedly arguing and nearly fighting.

The victim told deputies that he was playing pool and hanging out with his friends at the bar area when an argument started between his friends and a group at the booth next to them.

The man identified as 51-year-old Kurtis Jennings was a part of the group arguing with the victim’s friends. He allegedly began yelling at the boy because he thought he was recording him on his phone. Jennings jumped over to the victim’s booth and hit him in the face, CCSO said.

According to the report, the victim and his friends left the bar while being followed by Jennings who continued to yell at them.

Jennings told deputies that one of the victim’s friends spilled his pitcher of beer and began antagonizing him with the victim making threats to Jennings. He said the victim had grabbed his arm and scratched it.

Video footage from the bar aligned with the statement the victim gave to deputies. His family stated they want to press charges, CCSO said.


Jennings faces a charge of cruelty towards a child. He was taken to the Naples Jail.

Count on NBC 2 to provide updates as this story develops.

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