Naples man arrested for beating puppy to death


NAPLES, Fla. – The Collier County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Naples man for the death of a five-month-old puppy.

Robert Garon, 23, has been charged with cruelty to animals causing death in connection to the beating death of a Goldendoodle named Buzz Lightyear.

The CCSO began an investigation after being alerted by Collier County Domestic Animal Services over the suspected cause of abuse involving the puppy.

On July 29th, Garon and his girlfriend brought Buzz Lightyear to an emergency pet hospital. Buzz was wet, disorientated, and unable to breathe normally. The puppy was also unable to pick up its head.

A veterinarian examination revealed that Buzz had possible head trauma, bruising to the right ear and mouth, and muscle damage throughout the body.

The couple could not provide the hospital with any details on how the dog sustained any of the injuries.

Buzz died at the hospital from his injuries.


A witness contacted the hospital, who said they heard Garon beating the puppy on the night of July 29th. That lead to the investigation performed by CCSO.

During the investigation, a necropsy was performed on the puppy. Veterinarian Dr. John Morton concluded, “This dog’s death was caused by non-accidental, blunt force trauma to the head and body with secondary internal hemorrhage. I believe he suffered significantly from his injuries before death.”

Garon was arrested for his involvement in the beating.

Witnesses told deputies this was the second puppy Garon killed in 5 months. They also said Garon has a history of substance abuse and domestic violence.

He denied those allegations

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