Naples man embarks on remarkable journey after beating “one-in-a-million” disease


NAPLES, Fla. – A few years ago, when life dealt Mark Mullaney a bad hand, he had one response.

“Let’s play them cards,” Mark said. “Because even when you’ve been dealt a bad hand, you can still win.”

Mark had just been diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia. It is an incredibly rare disease. “[The chances of getting it are] about one-in-a-million,” Mark said.

But thanks to a bone marrow donor from Poland, Mark survived. He’s now embarking on a remarkable journey to increase awareness for bone marrow donations and to raise funds for Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, where he received treatment.

Mark is currently traveling to the “four corners” of the United States on his motorcycle. The journey is taking him from Key West, Florida to Maine and then west to Washington and southern California.

Prior to his diagnosis, Mark had been an avid motorcyclist. And just like a stranger saved his life, he’s trying to raise awareness that could save others.

“I was blessed,” Mark said.


To follow Mark’s journey, you can visit this Facebook page.

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