Naples man used Facebook Marketplace to commit multiple robberies


NAPLES, Fla. – Authorities have arrested a Naples man after connecting him to multiple robberies he committed using Facebook Marketplace.

Jashawn Nau, 20, would use the social media site to establish meeting locations before using multiple methods to make off with the stolen goods.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office first discovered Nau as a potential suspect in a case following the theft of an $8,500 necklace.

The victim said he was in contact with a man, known online as “Sosa Sosa”, on Facebook Marketplace for approximately one week. Following on and off again conversations, the two agreed to make a transaction on Jefferson Lane around 9:00 pm on July 1st.

The location was selected by “Sosa Sosa”.

Upon arrival, the victim saw a man approach his vehicle and identified himself as “Sosa Sosa”. After letting the man inspect the 14-carat gold chain, “Sosa Sosa” would brandish a handgun and tell the victim to get back in his car and drive off.

After leaving for fear of his safety, the victim contacted CCSO, who began a criminal investigation.


Since the transaction happened on Facebook, detectives were able to obtain a warrant for the subscriber information. It was there that deputies could link the “Sosa Sosa” account to a cell phone owned by Jayshawn Nau.

After obtaining a warrant for Nau’s cell phone, pictures were found of Nau wearing the necklace reported stolen just days after the alleged robbery. Text messages were also found between Nau and the victim that linked him to the theft.

During the investigation, detectives could also link Nau to another theft case involving two Playstation 5’s.

Again using Facebook Marketplace, Nau, using the name “Sosa Sosa”, agreed to meet the victim at a location selected by Nau. When he arrived, Nau would hand over $1,400 in $100 bills before receiving the two gaming consoles. Then, Nau would quickly leave the scene.

Upon further inspection, the victim would realize that Nau had used prop movie money in the transaction and quickly notified law enforcement.

Nau faces multiple charges, including armed robbery, aggravated assault, grand theft, and uttering forged bills.

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