Nassau County Commissioners meet morning after two defeated


Commissioner Klynt Farmer had praise for those who make the elections process work.

It almost seems impolite to bring elected officials to a mandatory meeting the day after a dramatic election defeat, but the work of Nassau County continues regardless of the results and the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners gathered the next morning

Voters went against both incumbent Commissioners on the ballot, with District 4 Commissioner Thomas Ford unseated by newcomer Alyson McCullough with 47.3% of the vote. Ford managed 24.4%, coming in third behind former Commissioner George Spicer, who garnered 28.3% in the open Republican Primary. 

In District 2, Navy veteran and locally well-known entertainer Hupp Huppmann defeated Commissioner Aaron Bell with 62.6% of the vote to Bell’s 37.4%

“Obviously the election was last night, and I want to give a heartfelt congratulations to Hupp Huppmann … and Alyson McCullough,” Ford said at the morning meeting. “Fought a hard race — congratulations to them both and everyone else who was victorious.

“Thank you to the voters of Nassau County for coming out and voting. I wish there was more of you, but that’s all right. I’ll take 30% (turnout).”

Bell opened his remarks by also congratulating Huppmann and McCullough on their victories the night before. 

“As Commissioner (John) Martin said, win or lose, it is a trying time for you and your family,” Bell said, “and I appreciate you putting your hat in the ring. And the voters — we had 30% turnout, which was pretty good. That’s not 100%, but it’s 30%. As Commissioner Ford said, I’ll take that.” 

Commissioner Klynt Farmer was part of the election as well, albeit behind the scenes. In an era in which it’s easy to find someone who will say the electoral process is suspect, he had praise for those who make the elections process work.

“I’d like to say thanks to the Board for allowing me to serve on the canvassing board,” Farmer said. “To go in there and see behind the scenes about how accurate our Supervisor of Election is, is quite impressive and it’s quite lengthy. 

Farmer got home a little after 11 p.m.

“A lot of people over there deserve a lot of credit for how they make the sausage, if you will,” he said. “There’s a lot going on over there and I’d like to commend them for their work.”

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