New high-speed internet options are coming to Northwest Cape Coral


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — More high-speed internet options are coming to NW Cape Coral. Soon, thousands of residents will get to choose between Quantum Fiber, an extension of Centurylink, or Comcast internet.

It hasn’t always been this way. Linda Stevens, Secretary of the Northwest Cape Neighborhood Association (NWNA), said for her and many others, Centurylink DSL has almost been like a monopoly. On any given day with internet speeds of about 6 MBPS, it would take about 2 to 3 minutes to download a simple webpage. For context, it takes about 15 MBPS to stream a video.

Last week, Stevens was elated to see Quantum Fiber trucks on her street. Tomorrow she has an appointment with an installer. “I’m excited for the residents up here in Northwest Cape Coral to finally have some good, stable fiber-optic fast internet,” she said.

Quantum’s goal is to give over 100,000 residents in the Cape Coral area access to high-speed internet. In a statement, a Quantum spokesperson said:

“With a current fiber footprint that spans more than 23,000 fiber route miles across Florida, work is underway to bring Quantum Fiber to families and small businesses in and around Cape Coral, Central Florida, Ft. Myers and Ocala. This is part of a nationwide expansion to connect more than 12 million residences and small business across 20 major markets.

Quantum Fiber is built for the always-online home and small business, offering: 

Gigabit and Multi-Gigabit Broadband speeds 99.9% reliabilitySymmetrical upload and download speedsNo contracts, no bundles, no data caps100% digital ordering and subscription-based billing

You can check current availability in the area here.”


Meanwhile, Comcast crews are working to install broadband high-speed internet in the Gator Circle area of Northeast Cape this week. Crews will then move west. In a statement, a Comcast spokesperson said, “Comcast is now installing its Xfinity services in homes in the Gator Circle area in the northeast part of the city. More neighborhoods will be launching over the next few weeks. Once the expansion of Comcast’s state-of-the-art network is complete later this year, high-speed Xfinity internet services will be available throughout all of Cape Coral for the first time.  Residents can expect a notification in their mail from Xfinity to let them know their home is now ready to get service.”

 You can get more details here.

The goal for Comcast is to extend its coverage to the highlighted area in this map:

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