New NIL Program to help FGCU Men’s Basketball players prepare for future


ESTERO, Fla. – The Florida Gulf Coast men’s basketball team has implemented a new NIL program to help guide its players.

For decades, the NCAA did not allow college athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness. It wasn’t until last year that those rules were reversed and the young adults could make some money off of their abilities.

Since then, athletes have been trying to navigate the NIL waters safely.

“We’re going to help them come up with a business play, an action plan, a brand,” Head Coach Pat Chambers said.

The program is headlined by a strategic partnership with the Rist Family Foundation Institute for Entrepreneurship, which is housed in the Daveler & Kauanui School of Entrepreneurship on FGCU’s campus.

The partnership will provide the athletes financial advice, teach them how to take full advantage of their platform, and help set them up for the future. 

“FGCU is just doing a great job at just the little things to make our impact so huge,” Dakota Rivers, a senior guard, said. 


This program is especially important as the topic of NIL is still being flushed out. Schools and athletes are trying to be smart and avoid any companies that might want to take advantage of the young players.

“I think it’s just something I can’t do by myself,” Rivers said. “When I talked to my parents about it they were just like, ‘if there’s going to be money involved, you have to make sure you have someone that can advise your money.’”

In addition to entrepreneurship teaching, the team has partnered with INFLCR, a leading content-management company for collegiate-athletics. The FGCU women’s basketball team has also signed on with INFLCR.

“It’s huge to me because it shows that they want the best for us as athletes,” Rivers said.

Coach Chambers believes his new initiatives are unlike any other in college basketball. Ultimately, he wants this program to set up his players for the future.

“We’re going to have presidents, and CEO’s, and just CFO’s, and COO’s; we are going to be living in the C-suite,” Chambers said. “That’s really the goal because I want these guys to be successful when the ball stops bouncing.”

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