Office lottery pool brings out both dreamers and doubters


As the Mega Millions jackpot climbed, Vanessa Scott decided her office needed a lottery pool. What followed next has been a positive response from her co-workers unlike anything she could have expected.

“I had people shoving money in my pocket,” Vanessa said with a laugh.

In total, more than three-fourths of Gardner Orthopedics’ employees have participated in Vanessa’s pool. It’s the first time the office has done one for the lottery.

“We’re manifesting it,” Alexa Barrera, one of the “dreamers” of the group said. “We’re definitely going to win this thing.”

Others aren’t so sure.

“We’ll see what happens, I don’t expect any return on investment,” Richard Romeis, a physical therapist at Gardner, said.

And while most of Gardner Orthopedics’ employees have joined in on the excitement, some have been content with opting out.


“I typically have very bad luck, so I didn’t want to buy a ticket and then us not win,” Andrea Stanforth said.

She will, however, happily collect a piece of the jackpot pie if they do.

“Yeah I’m going to be like ‘I feel like I should get a cut, I helped you win’,” Andrea said with a smile.

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