Parents concerned over “dangerous” message shared by a Lee County Middle School


FORT MYERS, Fla. – A lesson taught at Lexington Middle School is raising eyebrows among parents and mental health professionals. 

NBC2 uncovered this exercise that starts by showing consequences of not paying attention in school, but goes on to suggest a child’s choices in life could end in death. 

“I could not believe a teacher would give that to a student,” said one mother. 

Part of the exercise reads “no children equals alone.” And goes on to say “Alone equals depressed, depressed equals ill. And ill equals death.” 

Licensed mental health counselor Laura Streyffeler said the lesson sends a dangerous message to young minds. 

“People aren’t broken if they don’t have children. To give that kind of message to a kid, I think can be very psychologically and emotionally harmful,” said Streyffeler. 

A spokesperson for the Lee County School District said they are looking into the lesson. It’s unclear if the teacher behind it will face any consequences. 


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