Parents question intentions of Lee County School Board candidates


LEE COUNTY, Fla. — They want to make decisions for their children but many of the candidates for the Lee County School board don’t have kids in the district.

Four of the school board seats are up for grabs and the majority of the people running don’t have kids in the district.

The District 6 seat is a race all county voters can decide and none of the candidates in the race have a child in the public school system. Some parents are questioning if they have the child’s best interest in mind.

Adriana Muellah is one of those who prefers candidates to have children in the district to have a better understanding of what is going on in the district and the classroom.

Jason Stewart agrees and feels the candidate will be vested in their job if they have a child in the district.

“I think it would be in the best interest to have kids in the appropriate neighborhoods they’re representing,” Stewart explained.

However, District 6 School Board Candidate Jada Langford sends her kids to a private school.


“I would love nothing more to put my kids back into the public school system but as of now I think we need to clean this mess up,” Langfor said.

That mess she’s referring to is the Lee County School System.

When asked why she was running when her kids are in a private school, Langford said she had many children she had previously taught in the Lee County School District pointing out she was a former teacher and product of public schools.

Her opponent Tia Collin would not question Langford’s reason for pulling her kids out of public schools.

“I’m not about to start questioning another person’s motives,” Collin responded.

Collin doesn’t currently have children in the district but insisted that wasn’t stopping her from running either.

“I owe a debt to the teachers and the staff of Lee County Public Schools who greatly supported my family and myself. Without them my children would not be where they are today,” Collin said about her kids who graduated from the district.

Political Consultant Dennis Pearlman pointed out having a child in the district isn’t a requirement in order to run.

“It’s a great talking point if you have kids in the system. It does give you a step up, a leg up but it’s not a determinate if you don’t,” Pearlman said.

He insisted experience matters to voters.

“It goes much beyond I have kids in the system and I want to make the system great,” Pearlman stressed.

Candidate Denise Nystrom doesn’t have kids in the district, however, she didn’t make herself available to comment for this story.

Voters still have plenty of time to decide before casting their vote in the August 23 primary election.

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