Pests can plague your home in a storm’s aftermath


When the storm such as Hurricane Nicole passes, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Then come the cleanups and insurance claims. Before long, life goes on as normal. Except there may be one thing the homeowner hasn’t considered: a new pest problem.

Rodents can be a particular concern as rats and mice displaced by a storm look for a place to live. The storm often obliterates nesting sites, which means rodents begin seeking cracks in your foundation and other points of entry. Root rats find ready-made entrances to your home when wind damage takes its toll on soffits, roofing and eaves. The proliferation of trash and yard waste around a home after a storm provides ample shelter for rodents. Given enough time, they’ll start nesting in the piles.

Termites can also establish themselves during this time. All the flooding and washout of soil has the potential to remove previous termite treatments. Once the treatment is gone, these destructive pests can come back in full force.

Carpenter ants are another post-storm problem. There’s a lot of soggy wood in the wake of a hurricane. These insects are drawn to it and can easily become entrenched in your home.

Spiders, centipedes and millipedes sometimes move indoors to escape the hostile elements. After a storm, you may notice more of these intruders than usual.

And let’s not forget that miserable scourge: mosquitos. A storm will leave behind a lot of standing water. It’s a good idea to inspect your property and get rid of it where possible, pouring out rainwater from various containers that have filled up.

As for the other pests – the rodents, termites, ants and other arthropods – there are plenty of home remedies available. But these have their limitations. The safest course is to call a qualified pest control company for a complete inspection. You’ll get a full report on whether there’s a problem, its extent and the recommended remediation.

Pest control professionals will help you get back to normal when the storm clouds are gone. Contact Slug-A-Bug at (321) 259-7844 for a free, no-obligation assessment.

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