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MCKINNEY, Texas — FieldRoutes announced the launch of its enhanced e-commerce platform. FieldRoutes reports it is the only fully-integrated end-to-end e-commerce solution available in the industry. Its Buy Services Online capability — now updated with a more modern user experience — lets pest control customers book and schedule services on the company’s website and directly from their Google Business Profile listing. The platform now includes the Affiliate Network, which drives more revenue with leads and sales from other pest control companies when the customer cannot be serviced. Once a sale has been completed, the referring business receives a percentage of the fee the recipient company pays for the new customer. And the referred business gets a new customer they wouldn’t otherwise have.

“It’s always exciting to launch a new solution to our platform, especially when it adds so much tangible value to our clients,” said William Chaney, chief executive officer of FieldRoutes. “Our solutions are built to help our clients grow and scale. The Affiliate Network, which is part of our new enhanced e-commerce platform, does exactly that by providing a clear win-win scenario for all involved. Both companies can profit from opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t, and the customer gets the service they’re looking for without making multiple phone calls.”

Many business owners have and continue to face labor shortages, supply chain interruptions, and high gas prices that can impact their bottom line, especially in today’s difficult economic climate. FieldRoutes says its enhanced e-commerce platform was designed to help pest control owners capture additional growth opportunities with its Buy Services Online functionality, and its new simplified and modern customer experience has resulted in improved conversion rates. From January to May 2022, FieldRoutes reported its customers using the e-commerce platform saw a 2X increase in conversion rates.

The company recently commissioned Lucid to conduct an independent research study to gain a better understanding of the consumer pest control market and found that the first step for a vast majority of those searching for pest control service is to perform an online search. This research revealed that 88% of homeowners and renters who purchased pest control services in the past 12 months said they are likely to purchase services online in the future. According to FieldRoutes, this indicates an opportunity for pest control operators to take advantage of e-commerce solutions — like the ones provided by FieldRoutes.

The research also revealed that 93% of respondents said they would be likely to look into the options, and 86% indicated they were likely to purchase services, when presented with a hypothetical scenario where they were redirected from a provider outside their service area to a company that could deliver the needed services.

“As more and more pest control customers go online to conduct research and book appointments, pest control companies must adapt to support their shopping preferences,” Chaney added. “Companies who get ahead of the curve now are poised to capture market share from those who wait, and our FieldRoutes’ Buy Services Online and Affiliate Network solutions are here to help them take advantage of this trend.”

Those interested in reading the 2021 Consumer Pest Control Purchasing Report presented by FieldRoutes can download the full, free report here.

Those interested in learning more about FieldRoutes, their e-commerce solution, and the Affiliate Network may call 972.526.7868 or visit FieldRoutes.com/affiliate-network to schedule a demo.


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