Police remind drivers of school bus protocols while on the road


CAPE CORAL, Fla. – School is back in session, so it’s essential to take precautions when approaching a bus.

“Obviously kids are vulnerable road users so people being aware of them being in the roadway especially with stop signs and buses they need to be abide because the children aren’t paying attention to those signals and cars can cause them a lot of damage and injury,” says Officer Kyle Martins.

If you’re traveling down a road divided into two lanes and a bus is in front of you on either side of the road flashing its red lights, then that’s your cue to slow down, stop, wait for the kids to get on, and proceed forward once those lights are off the extended handle is pulled back.

“At any pedestrian crossing like the one behind me, if it’s flashing, by Florida state statute, you’re required to stop. When busses display stop signs and flashing lights you’re required to stop and obviously at any stop sign you’re required to stop,” says Martins.

If there are several lanes with a turn lane in the middle, you must also stop.

The only exception when you wouldn’t have to stop but still proceed with caution is if the bus is on the opposite side where there is some sort of median.

“It’s extremely important for them just to leave 10-15 minutes early keep in mind those busses are going to be out and going to be stopping,” says Brandon Sancho with Cape Coral Police.


Officers are also reminding parents to remind your kids not to sit on the sidewalk curb when waiting for a bus.

Instead, they should be at least five feet or five steps away from the road.

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