Poll shows 77% of Florida Republicans still think Donald Trump won 2020 election


‘Partisan divide’ continues.

The 2020 Presidential Election is not settled history for the majority of Florida Republicans according to a fresh poll from the University of North Florida.

The survey shows a full 77% of registered Republicans surveyed believe that former President Donald Trump actually won the November election.

Democrats see it differently, meanwhile, with a full 95% believing that President Joe Biden‘s victory was legitimate.

One key difference between the two parties and their respective perceptions of what really happened in November 2020 is that Democrats are more likely to completely believe their candidate won than Republicans.

“While we see a partisan divide in perceptions of the 2020 election, Democrats seem to be much more certain, with 91% saying Biden definitely won, but only 38% of Republicans say Trump definitely won, the remaining 39% saying he probably won,” asserted Dr. Michael Binder, the polling director of the University of North Florida’s Public Opinion Research Laboratory.

While Republicans may waver to some degree in their certainty that the 2020 Presidential Election was legit, they present more of a united front against one of the former President’s greatest aggravators: “Fake news.”

A full 93% of Republican registered voters surveyed equated the “mainstream media” with “fake news,” while 84% of Democrats surveyed believe that the mainstream media is in fact legit.

No Party Affiliation voters, meanwhile, had a different take on both questions. Though 65% of them believe Biden “definitely won” or “probably won” the 2020 Presidential Election, they don’t believe in the mainstream media in the way Democrats profess to. A full 61% agree with Republicans’ belief that the corporate press is counterfeit.

All told, 61% of the 1,624 registered voters polled believe Biden “definitely won” or “probably won” the election. However, 65% of that same pool believes “fake news” predominates, suggesting that Trumpian arguments against the mainstream media have taken hold outside the GOP.

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