Porch pirates caught on camera stealing packages from Cape Coral homes


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Cape Coral porch thieves were caught on camera swiping again. Two posts on social media have residents wondering if it’s the same person taking their belongings.

The videos show a similar looking man, driving up to homes in what looks like a Mustang and taking their packages off the front door steps. It happened on Chiquita Blvd, near Veterans parkway, and again on SE 32nd St.

Cameras did catch these thieves in the act, but there are other precautions you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

“When people see the Amazon truck, the UPS truck, the Fedex truck, it’s a big red flag,” says Robert Brown, a retired New Jersey Police Officer living in Naples.

Some experts suggest signing up for package notifications.

“Because you don’t want those packages sitting there,” said Brown.

Make sure when you have cameras set up outside of your home, you have one eye-level, and another from a distance. Then you should also check with neighbors to see if they caught anything on their cameras.


“You gotta hope across the street maybe somebody has a camera that they can zoom in on,” said Brown.

Amazon also offers an ‘Amazon Key’ feature, which allows a driver to scan a package and have access to your garage.

“Then inside you should have some kind of punch pad on the door that gets into the house,” said Brown. “And put a camera inside the garage.”

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