Private company harvesting green algae out of Cape Coral canals


CAPE CORAL, Fla. – The City of Cape Coral has hired a private company to get rid of green algae in six of its canals.

On Wednesday, we watched crews with Solitude Lake Management harvesting the algae in a canal near Southeast 17th Street. 

“This is very interesting watching them do this,” said Karen Hamilton, a Cape Coral resident.

While green algae isn’t toxic, it’s unsightly and can irritate the skin and eyes. Several neighbors tell us they haven’t been able to come outside because of the effects from the algae.

The machine, used by Solitude, skims the surface of the canals and collects clumps of green algae. Then a big arm lifts the mats out of the water so workers can rake them up. The City will eventually come pick up the piles once they dry out.

District Manager for Solitude Lake Management Bill Kurth said the green algae thrives during rainy season. The machine does a good job cleaning up the canals, but it may not be a permanent fix for canals across the Cape.

“We’re only skimming what’s on the top. And there is more algae growing on the bottom of the canals so I can’t promise that more will not float up,” Kurth said.


Kurth said the City is paying $20,000 for this cleanup.

Work should be complete by Friday the 12th. 

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