Rats are more than a nuisance: They’re dangerous


Rats are dangerous household pests that cause serious problems if left unchecked. Not only can they spread a host of diseases, including salmonella and the plague, but they can also damage your property and start fires.

These pests usually enter your home through small holes, cracks and crevices. It doesn’t take much of an opening to give them entry: Some can push themselves through holes the size of a quarter. Once inside, they will begin to reproduce quickly. Their urine, droppings and saliva create an unsanitary, disease-prone environment.

Health concerns

Rats can contaminate food, about 10 times more food than they eat. They spread fleas and internal parasites that include the rat lungworm, which infects snails that eat the rat’s feces. The snails, in turn, sometimes pass the disease to humans who make contact with them.

If cornered or threatened, rats can also bite. Rat-bite fever is a serious infection that causes a number of health problems and even death.  

Property damage, emotional stress

In addition, they have the potential to cause significant property damage. These unwelcome visitors are notorious for gnawing on insulation and even walls, leading to costly repairs. In some cases an infestation can result in fires: They have a tendency to chew through electrical wires, causing sparking.

Because of all these concerns, rats create significant distress when in the house. They are often noisy, create unpleasant odors and cause sleepless nights. Their activity promotes ongoing anxiety and fear. This is especially true when the rodents appear in daylight – an indication of a large infestation. 

Prevention and control

One of the best ways to prevent a rat infestation is to keep your home clean and free of clutter. You should also ensure all holes, cracks and crevices are sealed. Also, be sure to store food in airtight containers, away from areas where the rodents may gain access. 

It’s important to call a pest control professional like Slug-A-Bug if you suspect you have a rat infestation. We can identify the problem and provide the necessary treatment to get rid of these hazardous intruders. Call us at (321) 259-7844 for a free, no obligation assessment.

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