Rats infestations running rampant in Cape Coral


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Rats are taking over Cape Coral but exterminators explain how you can keep a lookout to protect your house and the property surrounding it.

“There’s a bad rat problem in Cape Coral,” Anna Wallace from Truly Nolen Pest Control said.

She blames Cape Coral’s canals and many fruit trees for the rat infestations.

“They are huge, almost like you can ride them,” resident Dave Lindley said.

At first, Lindley confused them for squirrels but quickly learned they are called palm rats and they can jump about six feet.

“Palm rats can get to be 12 to 14 inches,” Wallace said. “I have a little fake one right here obviously it’s a dead one it won’t get this fat but they can get this long.”

Cape Coral residents said that rats are infesting their trees, climbing along the power lines and then getting onto their roofs.


“Some people I’ve heard have rats in their attics,” Lindley said.

One woman said rats got stuck in her walls and died, leaving behind a disgusting smell.

Unfortunately, Wallace said that is common.

“We pulled 93 rats out of somebody’s attic over about a three month period of time,” she said.

Her biggest tips are to trim trees around your house and limit food sources outside, even from fruit trees. But also listen for strange noises.

“Sometimes if you have cable problems when your cable starts going wonky, you may not even may not even know you have rats in your attic chewing through those wires,” Wallace said.

It is also important to schedule a yearly inspection to make sure there are not any entry points for these rodents or others.

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