Reckless driver crash caught on camera by deputies in Charlotte County


CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — A suspected reckless driver could have killed someone in Charlotte County. Instead, their car was the only one damaged.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office released a video of the crash as a warning for you to stay safe behind the wheel.

Reports said the driver wasn’t drinking or having a medical episode. They were simply reckless.

We spoke to drivers who travel over the U.S. 41 bridge to Port Charlotte on a regular basis. Greg Perry said there’s always problems.

“Either weaving in and out or driving so slow it causes an accident,” Perry explained.

Those are happening more so in the day. The crash being used as an example was filmed at night. In it, you can see the red car fly past a deputy and slam into a guardrail. The impact sent sparks flying.

Perry said this is why people need to be more cautious when behind the wheel.


“No one cares. No one cares anymore. No one has any regard for any kind of law or speed limit or anything,” he said.

Deputies report the driver wasn’t hurt in the crash. They were cited for reckless driving.

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