Report: Government can lead the talent race in the aftermath of the Great Resignation


There are increasingly more opportunities for government agencies to attract and retain new workers.

While falling gas prices across the nation have brought American consumers some relief, and the pressures of inflation have eased slightly, the labor market is still extremely tight in the Sunshine State.

Florida’s unemployment rate is just 2.7%, almost a full point below the national unemployment rate of 3.5%. Ongoing labor shortages in our state don’t just affect the private sector — government agencies are facing the same challenges, and have for many years.

A new report from Deloitte Insights shines a light on these issues and examines the overall cultural shift in what workers now value in their employment. The world of work has drastically changed over the past decade, and Deloitte’s report highlights key trends and actions government agencies can take to attract and retain a new generation of skilled public servants.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, tens of millions of workers quit their jobs in the last year, leading to what many call the “Great Resignation.” Today’s workers are seeking more flexibility in their roles, jobs that offer better compensation and work-life balance, a focus on their mental and physical well-being, and a job that makes a difference.

Private sector employers have reacted quickly to this paradigm shift to recruit highly skilled workers. The public sector, traditionally, has been slower to react to changing labor markets and has obstacles many private employers don’t, such as long hiring processes.

But things are changing. Deloitte’s report shows there are increasingly more opportunities for government agencies to attract and retain new workers — and even lead the private sector in the talent race.

For one thing, public service offers rewarding careers in which people truly can make an impact on society. What’s needed are new government policies and innovations in workforce management that provide more flexible work options, professional development opportunities, compensation and diverse projects with identifiable career paths.

Being responsive to these trends can help government agencies meet the ever-changing needs of Florida’s workers, while attracting and retaining the government workforce of the future.

To learn more, read the report from Deloitte Insights.

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