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GREENVILLE, S.C. – Gregory Pest Solutions is celebrating 50 fruitful years of being in business this year. The company has much to celebrate, as the Gregory brand continues to grow and thrive. Since it was founded by Phil and Sara Gregory in 1972, Gregory Pest Solutions has expanded into 12 states across the Southeast.

Gregory is taking time out to celebrate with a company barbecue with baseball, food trucks and ice cream trucks. They are also having a promotion for both residential and commercial customers, who can get $50 off their first month of Gregory’s “Essential Plus” plan.

In addition to this promotion, Gregory has been promoting its 50th anniversary with flashback photos on social media. In one photo, the original Gregory team can be seen standing with the classic “Gregory green” thermal bed bug trucks. Gregory now has the largest fleet of thermal bed bug trucks, the company reports.

“I can speak for Phil and Sara Gregory both, and they never would have dreamed that starting out as a two-person company, [the company] would grow to over 300 people,” said Gregory President Ben Walker. “It’s great to look back on such a success story … looking at our long-term employees and how they have benefited and helped grow the company.”

Walker said that the signature lime green vehicles have been a claim to fame for the Gregory brand. “In 1976 when we ordered a Chevy Chevette it was supposed to come in a certain color, but it came in lime green. The Gregorys both loved the color, though, and going forward every car they ordered they took to the paint shop. Back then, it was a huge marketing piece for us.” And Gregory pest technicians are still driving green vehicles around today.

It was in 1977 when Phil and Sara Gregory moved into their first one-room office in Greenville, S.C., and since then the company has been fortunate to experience milestone after milestone.

Walker said that aside from the trucks, a major milestone in Gregory’s growth was when it became a Copesan partner in the 1980s. “That really started creating our focus as a commercial company,” Walker said. “All of us were able to learn from other companies, and it certainly helped springboard us.”

Gregory eventually became a Copesan shareholder in the 1990s.

Walker joined the team as accounting manager in 1997, became president in 2006, and then a shareholder in 2010.

Throughout Walker’s time at Gregory, he has witnessed the 10 or so acquisitions the company has made. Expanding into 12 states was huge for Gregory. “We brought on several large regional accounts that helped us grow throughout the entire Southeast in the 2000s and 2010s,” Walker said.

According to Walker, the Gregory brand is still going strong 50 years in. “We’ve maintained a great culture among our employees over the years,” he said. Additionally, even with COVID changing the workforce, Gregory has been successful in retaining most of its employees over the last several years, including all the service managers and branch managers.

To celebrate with Gregory as they reach their 50th anniversary, visit their website to reminisce on the beginning of the company, and check out celebrations on social media.

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