Residents clamor against planned car wash on Mast Canal


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — People living in a southeast Cape neighborhood want their voices heard about a planned carwash in between Kamal Parkway and SE 28th Terrace.

“I mean let’s be realistic. Does the Mayor want to live next to this gigantic car wash?,” said Richardson.

Richardson and others who live nearby believe the owner of the lot could drastically impact their end of the Mast Canal to make more room for Tommy’s Express Carwash.

The proposal is to transform the nearly two-acre grassy lot into the car wash. To do that, the applicant, SunDream Inc. wants to fill-in a quarter-acre of the Mast Canal.

SunDream Inc. submitted a permit application to the Army Corps of Engineers. On Wednesday, a spokesperson said they are still in the infancy stages of that review process.

If the proposal goes through, Lynn Jenkins is worried what will happen to the wildlife and what type of message this will send to other developers across the Cape.

“Who’s to say they’re not going to fill-in other canals? These waterways are precious and they’re for everyone to use,” said Jenkins.


The corporate office for Tommy’s Express Carwash said there is no set date for construction or an opening.

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