Rick Scott amps up feud with Mitch McConnell about GOP Senate candidates


With nine weeks until Election Day 2022, the back and forth between Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Florida’s Rick Scott continues.

Scott, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, offered his latest volley at the Kentucky Republican during interviews Tuesday.

“A lot of the Washington crowd, what they want to do is pick the candidates,” Scott said on the Charlie Kirk show Tuesday afternoon, regarding ongoing doubts on McConnell’s part that Republicans can retake the Senate this year.

He offered similar takes on a Fox Business Network hit in the morning.

Countering McConnell’s worries about “candidate quality,” Scott offered a ringing endorsement of the “great candidates” running as Republicans this year.

“Take J.D. Vance as an example,” Scott said of the Ohio Republican. “They did a movie about his life. He understands the problems of drug addiction.”

Scott was referring, of course, to the cinematic version of Vance’s memoir, “Hillbilly Elegy.”

Scott also extolled celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz, running in Pennsylvania, as a “world-renowned surgeon” and the “best talk show host in health care in the world.”

“I’m talking to these candidates every two or three days,” Scott reassured. “They have agendas. They’re hellbent on changing this country. And they’re going to come up here and be a force of good and change this country in the right direction.”

Scott made the comments on Tuesday’s “Mornings with Maria” on the Fox Business Network, his latest attempt to defend his efforts in charge of the Senate campaign apparatus amid the Kentucky Republican’s doubts. McConnell believes Republicans have at best a 50/50 shot at taking back the Senate.

Scott has offered defenses of the “great candidates” during recent national interviews, as he promised to “fight like hell” and “be a cheerleader” for GOP candidates.

During a Sept. 1 spot on the Brian Kilmeade radio show, Scott claimed McConnell’s doubts amounted to a “shot at our candidates and the voters.”

“And by the way, the people in these states, they picked these people,” Scott said. “So respect the vote of the people of these states.”

“We’ve got great candidates! Look at the background of these people. These are wonderful individuals that believe in this country, and they believe in the right things,” Scott said on the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” program in late August. “We are going to win, but we’ve got to raise our money. When we raise our money, we win.”

The schism between Scott and McConnell is documented at this point. They had a public split over Scott’s “12-point plan to rescue America.” McConnell slammed the plan’s suggestion of review of federal entitlement programs as a nonstarter if he led Senate Republicans next year.

Former President Donald Trump has reportedly urged Scott to make a play for McConnell’s post. Scott has not endorsed McConnell to lead the caucus beyond this year.

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