Rick Scott argues Dems don’t ‘give a damn’ about inflation


U.S. Sen. Rick Scott continues to grouse about the impacts of inflation, contending that the problem will persist until people who “give a damn” about price hikes are in charge again.

“The only way things will get better is if we stop the reckless government spending, balance the budget and put folks who have common sense and give a damn back in charge. Joe Biden and the other so-called ‘leaders’ in Washington right now haven’t got a clue and it’s time they put our country first and step aside,” Scott said, responding to the July Producer Price Index, which reflects a 9.8% year over year increase.

“Job creators” are particularly sensitive to the rise in prices, Scott contended.

“Job creators in Florida and across America are struggling. Prices aren’t dropping, hiring is harder than ever and now Democrats are pouring salt in the wounds of our businesses by raising taxes and greenlighting even more inflation-fueling spending. This is what happens when you have a president who has never run a business, an administration filled with lifelong bureaucrats and a Congress led by career politicians.”

Thursday’s statement followed up on a sharp Scott reaction to Wednesday’s Consumer Price Index numbers.

While the 8.5% year over year increase was down from June overall, price pressure continued for food, up 10.9% year over year, justifying another Scott slam of “radical socialist Democrats.”

“Washington is broken and backwards. While I have been demanding an end to reckless spending, Democrats in Washington have responded to a 40-year high in prices by greenlighting another nearly $1 TRILLION in deficit spending in just the last two weeks through the CHIPS Act and so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’. You can’t fight inflation with a non-stop spending spree, but that’s all we can expect from Joe Biden and the radical socialist Democrats here in Washington,” Scott asserted.

“Even as Biden drives the country into a recession, all the Democrats seem capable of is cutting Medicare, spending your money and raising your taxes. The Biden administration has made clear that it is waging a war on our seniors, a war on American families and a war on our economy. Until this incompetent president is out of office, Florida families will continue to suffer.”

President Biden is suggesting that the worst is over, meanwhile.

“Today we received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July,” he said at the White House this week. “Zero percent. Here’s what that means. While the price of some things went up last month, the price of other things went down by the same amount. The result, 0 inflation last month.”

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