Rick Scott fumbles defense of scandal-plagued Senate candidates


U.S. Sen. Rick Scott offered a less than enthusiastic defense of two Senate candidates in Georgia and Arizona while being grilled about the character flaws of GOP nominees.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Scott was asked about his advice to voters to pick candidates they would “hire” in Senate races, in light of the questionable resumes of GOP nominees Herschel Walker and Blake Masters, amid a “list of troubling things” said by GOP candidates nationwide.

Host Margaret Brennan alleged that Georgia’s Walker had lied about how many children he had, his business dealings, and had been accused of domestic violence threats with a gun by an ex-wife. She said Arizona’s Masters had called the Unabomber an “underrated thinker” and minimized the threat posed by Al Qaeda.

Scott, who helms the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said that voters decided who they want to run.

“You go through each person, but I’m not the one doing it. It’s the voters of those states who are doing it. The voters of those states are going to make a choice,” Scott said, suggesting that Democratic incumbents have worse problems than Walker and Masters and others have with their personal histories.

Scott said Arizona’s Mark Kelly “voted with (President) Joe Biden and (Senate Majority Leaders) Chuck Schumer 100% of the time,” adding that Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock “has the same problem.”

“These are your candidates,” Brennan protested.

“The voters of those states are going to decide who they’re going to hire,” Scott retorted, again blasting incumbent Democrats as “Biden clones.”

Brennan wasn’t convinced, suggesting that issues as those faced by Walker and Masters would be “red flags to H.R.”

In July, Scott road tested the “pick people you’d hire” talking points in a Panama City radio interview.

“How many people in the House or the Senate would you hire to work at your business? If you wouldn’t hire them, then why are you voting for them? It’s as simple as that,” Scott said.

The local interviewer offered nothing like the push back Scott received from Brennan.

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