Rick Scott predicts a ‘hard time’ for Nancy Pelosi in Senate confirmation hearing


NRSC Chair Scott says she’s too ‘partisan’ for GOP Senators.

Rick Scott is not offering encouragement to potential next moves for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

During an interview Tuesday on the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Scott was asked about rumors that Pelosi could be eyeing an appointed position if Democrats lose control of the House.

Asked about Pelosi’s chances to be confirmed as either Ambassador to Italy or Secretary of State, two posts she apparently would consider, Scott offered a pessimistic take on Pelosi’s future were it up to the Senate,

“I think she’d have a hard time in either position,” Scott, the current Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, opined.

“I think she’s been such a partisan person that I think it would be very difficult for Republican Senators to say she would do a great job at this,” Scott expounded. “You know, she’s become so partisan, year after year, it’s been worse and worse.”

“As Speaker, she’s been horrible,” Scott added.

It remains to be seen if Republicans can take back the Senate in November, of course, but if Democrats maintain control of the Senate, then GOP objections are moot.

The question from host Maria Bartiromo to Scott addressed speculation floated Tuesday by Fox Business that Pelosi seeks the Italian ambassadorship. It is unclear why Bartiromo expanded the question to a potential Secretary of State position. While the Italian Ambassador post is vacant, the Secretary of State position is not, with Antony Blinken serving.

Scott has offered praise to Pelosi relatively recently in terms of her foreign policy vision, lauding her trip to Taiwan.

“I was just over there and I think Nancy Pelosi should go over there,” Scott said ahead of the trip in July. “Americans ought to go over there and make sure China knows we will support Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and our allies in Asia.”

China’s umbrage continues, meanwhile, with the communist regime bemoaning the “negative influence” of Pelosi as a potential complication ahead of a new round of climate negotiations.

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