Rick Scott rails against ‘raving lunatic’ Joe Biden


U.S. Sen. Rick Scott is panning Joe Biden as a “raving lunatic” in fresh comments on a presidential speech last week critical of Republicans.

Saying that Biden had “lost his audience,” Scott slammed the President as “incapacitated” and “incoherent” during a Wednesday interview with a friendly local outlet, thrashing the optics of Biden’s prime time address from Philadelphia six days prior.

“Next time, rather than having the armed Marines behind him, maybe he can have armed IRS agents,” Scott quipped. “That way he can sort of explain how he needs 87,000 new IRS agents to target all of his opponents.”

Scott referred back to his experience as Florida Governor, suggesting that Biden could learn some lessons about governing from his approach.

“I was Governor for eight years. You know, when you get elected, your job is to govern. The people in the Executive Branch are supposed to govern. Not play politics every day,” Scott lamented.

“Is he governing or is he politicking? The job is to govern,” Scott admonished, saying Biden’s “primary responsibility is to be the President, solve problems.”

“He can’t do that,” Scott maintained. “All he can do is attack people.”

Scott went on to reiterate his belief that Biden “looked like a raving lunatic,” saying that Biden’s polling was “horrible” in National Republican Senatorial Committee surveys.

“You don’t see any Democrat wanting to be seen with him. Unless he’s paying you, you don’t show up,” Scott charged.

Scott made the comments Wednesday on Panama City’s News Talk 101, the latest iteration in what has been an enduring back and forth between the Florida Senator and the Biden White House. Scott has said Biden is “obsessed” with him and his policy proposals, and has called for Biden to resign or be removed via provisions in the 25th Amendment.

Biden, meanwhile, has painted Scott as the face of “ultra-MAGA” Republicanism for months. Polling from earlier this year points to why Biden is targeting Scott.

Another reason is that national polling has shown Scott’s proposals, and Scott himself, are not surveying well beyond the Republican base.

According to a relatively recent national survey of 2,005 registered voters from Morning Consult and POLITICO, Scott is underwater with virtually all demographics, except self-identified conservatives and Republicans.

Independent voters were notably sour on the Senator in the May poll. Just 12% of them approved of Scott, with 29% disapproving. Men particularly were opposed to Scott, with 36% of male independent voters regarding him unfavorably, a staggering -25 with the demographic.

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