Rick Scott warns Texas conservatives that militant left is ‘the enemy within’


U.S. Sen. Rick Scott warned the Texas Conservative Political Action Conference Friday about the “greatest danger ever” faced by America.

“The militant left wing in our country has become the enemy within,” Scott contended.

Scott acknowledged that some critics would think that’s “pretty dramatic,” but urged a “quick situation report.”

“The militant Left has now taken control of our economy, our culture and our country,” Scott contended. “When you turn on the news at night, do you even recognize the country you see? Are you worried for your family? Are you worried for your freedoms?”

“Great nations don’t automatically last forever,” Scott said. “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has first destroyed itself from within. Think about that. Great civilizations that have collapsed or been conquered by a foreign adversary were first hollowed out from the inside.”

Scott also predicted that “in their new socialist order, everyone will obey and no one will be allowed to complain,” while again bemoaning the “woke Left” as a “modern day version of book burners” and the “most narrow-minded intolerant people our country has ever seen.”

The Senator urged those on the Left to consider reading more widely, meanwhile.

“The modern Democratic Left has never read George Orwell,” Scott chided, invoking the “1984” trope. “They don’t know they’re making his predictions come true.”

“Is this the beginning of the end of America?” Scott asked, seemingly rhetorically.

“It could be,” he answered. “But only if we allow it.”

Scott also pitched his 12-point plan to “rescue America.” His comments were punctuated by rousing ovations, suggesting that they may be catching on with the activists in the conservative movement.

Scott, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has brooked controversy, squabbling with not just Democratic President Joe Biden but also with Mitch McConnell, the leader of his own Senate caucus.

Undeterred, Scott has continued to yoke himself to the proposal, even as suggestions continue that he may vie for Senate leadership after November, blasting all of the “Washington insiders, the woke media, the socialist squad” in a defense of his proposal.

He also had words for critics in his own caucus.

“Some Republicans complain about my plan. They mostly do it anonymously. But not completely,” Scott said.

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