Roll up your welcome mat when it comes to pests


To keep your home pest-free, make prevention a priority. It’s more difficult to remove existing pests than to bar their entry in the first place.

One important step is to seal up any cracks and crevices in the outside of your home. Spaces around plumbing, utility lines, vents, doors and windows are corridors for all kinds of unwanted house guests. Insects and rodents alike will find their way indoors through such openings. Caulking works well at keeping them out. Just apply and, if necessary, smooth it with a putty knife.

Be sure to store food – human food and pet food alike – in sealed containers. Accessible food items are a standing invitation for ants, roaches, weevils, rodents and other intruders. Food outside the refrigerator should be sealed in bags, special food containers, jars or anything else that makes the contents inaccessible.

Keeping a clean house will help discourage pests from taking up residence. Clutter provides ideal hiding places, so make every effort to remove old boxes, papers or other things that might provide cover. Vacuum regularly, mop floors and keep surfaces (e.g., sinks, countertops, tables) free of food particles that could serve as inviting midnight snacks.

Pests also find shelter in yard debris, so it’s important to remove dead leaves and plant material. Keep old firewood and branches away from the perimeter of the house, too. It’s a magnet for rodents, roaches, earwigs, spider and wood-boring insects, including termites and carpenter ants. Remove any standing water that can serve as a breeding pool for mosquitoes

Of course, pests can be persistent and find a way indoors despite your most strenuous efforts. When that happens, it’s important to enlist the help of professionals who can eliminate the problem with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. That’s what Slug-A-Bug does every day of the week. Call us today at (321) 259-7844 for a free, no obligation assessment.

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