Ron DeSantis denies he’s ‘considering a run for the presidency’


Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to deny he’s already planning a run for the White House.

During a press conference in Live Oak Tuesday, a friendly questioner asked about the Governor “considering a run for the Presidency,” spurring DeSantis to push back as he has in the past when asked similar questions.

“I think that’s the media just speculating,” DeSantis said. “I don’t think I’m doing. I mean, I’ve got a lot on my plate here, and we’re doing a lot of stuff, so I would not indulge in some of the stuff and be very careful about what you hear.”

This reaction accords with other recent contentions that his presidential prospects are a media “obsession,” as he said in June. He has been consistently coy when asked about 2024 “nonsense” for months, dodging the topic at in-state press conferences and in friendly Fox News interviews alike. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has previously said he thought DeSantis would “drop out” of any 2024 race if Trump got in.

Recent polling suggests that DeSantis is gaining at Trump’s expense.

A survey from YouGov shows that if a hypothetical national General Election were held now, DeSantis was just two points behind President Joe Biden. Biden was ahead of Trump by three points, 40% to 37%.

In Primary matchups, Trump is held back from majority support by DeSantis.

An Echelon Insights survey conducted nationally between Aug. 18 and Aug. 22 reveals that Trump would get just 46% support in a Primary against DeSantis and a field of other Republicans. The Florida Governor’s 25% support was good for a strong second place, well ahead of third-place Mike Pence, the former Trump Vice President who drew 13% backing.

Another poll conducted by Yahoo and YouGov between Aug. 18 and Aug. 22 shows Trump getting just 49% in a 2024 head-to-head GOP Primary duel with DeSantis. DeSantis received 31% in the survey, with an additional 21% not sure whether they preferred the former President or the Florida Governor.

Though DeSantis continues to deny a potential run, others seem to believe there’s a window. The non-sanctioned Ready for Ron PAC continues to fundraise to that end, while Florida Democrats are playing up reports of a Trump family disenchantment with what they see as a DeSantis impersonation of the former President.

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