Ron DeSantis ‘Results’ ad spotlights gratitude for Governor


A new positive ad from the Ron DeSantis re-election campaign finds a lot of ways to say thank you … to the Governor.

“When they attacked you, you didn’t cave,” the script contends. “You stood strong for the people of Florida.”

The minute-long “Results,” rolled out Tuesday, offers a narrative journey through the Governor’s first term, with unity provided by gratitude for DeSantis from Floridians representing all walks of life for stances he took as Governor.

“Today we delivered for the people of Florida yet again,” DeSantis says to kick off the spot.

A female bartender with a Midwestern accent declared in agreement, “he saved our jobs.” A short order cook chimed in, “and kept us going.”

A mechanic broke from a repair job to agree.

“They tried to shut us down and you saved our business,” said the 50ish male from the underside of a car.

A law enforcement officer also found something to celebrate. As DeSantis’ voice reminded listeners of $1,000 bonuses for cops, a middle-aged cop said the Governor “had our backs.” And a veteran extolled DeSantis for having “honored our service.”

DeSantis has messaged aggressively his skepticism of various COVID-19 precautions used elsewhere, and appreciation for that featured here also, with a nurse celebrating his “facts, not fear” approach to pandemic management.

“And you let us decide,” said a fireman, presumably referring to vaccination status.

Children can’t vote. But they can say thank you, as one did here, for “letting me go to school.”

“You gave me a voice,” added a woman who seemed to be cast as the minor’s mother. Presumably this refers to Parental Rights in Education legislation.

Seniors and those who love them also thanked DeSantis for having “put us first” and “not letting them keep us apart.”

“You protected our right to worship together in person,” a middle-aged man said outside of a church.

This is a 3-pack ad buy from the Republican Party of Florida, with a disclaimer acknowledging Attorney General Ashley Moody and CFO Jimmy Patronis. See the spot here.

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