School lunches come into question following non-discrimination poster


SOUTHWEST FLORIDA – Governor Ron DeSantis warned Florida parents that the federal government is threatening to take away lunch money from poor kids as punishment for the state protecting women’s sports.

His comment has many parents worried their children may not be getting hot lunch this school year as a result.

The concern comes as school resumes Wednesday in all six Southwest Florida counties.

The school lunch fight is all over a non-discrimination poster that the USDA, which funds school lunches, requires it be hung in school cafeterias.

It says schools will not discriminate against students based on their gender identity and that has set off the firestorm in Florida.

The poster prompted Education Commissioner Manny Diaz to send a letter to all local school districts telling them to ignore the federal non-discrimination policy and not hang the poster.

Commissioner of agriculture Nikki Fried whose office disburses the money to Florida schools responded.


“This is a poster that we’re talking about that says schools can’t discriminate against kids when providing them food,” Fried clarified.

Federal law makes clear the sign must be hung visibly in school lunchrooms and it has required the signs be hung for years now.

“They’re threatening to take away lunch money from poor kids as punishment for us protecting women’s sports,” DeSantis claimed.

However, the poster makes no mention of women’s sports and Fried clarified they have nothing to do with bathrooms or locker rooms.

Both Fried and the USDA poster insist it only prohibits students being denied a lunch for being gay or trans.

However not hanging it could put schools in jeopardy of funding which has always been the case.

The Lee County school District sent NBC-2 numerous pictures of the posters hanging prominently in various school cafeterias.

The Lee County Food Services Director said she remembers the district being required to hang the posters her entire career.

Collier County also confirms they’re hanging the posters.

Based on the facts NBC-2 rates the comment “They’re threatening to take away lunch money from poor kids as punishment for protecting women’s sports” as false.

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