South Fort Myers High student arrested for having gun in car on campus


FORT MYERS, Fla. – A South Fort Myers High School student was arrested for bringing a gun to school in their car.

A search was conducted on the car of Omarion Lavoile, 17, after students approached a staff member of the school regarding an Instagram video showing a student flashing a firearm.

During the search, a loaded 9mm handgun was located under the driver’s seat. The firearm was linked to a burglary from last month in Lehigh Acres.

Lavoile was arrested and faces a charge of possession of a weapon on school grounds.

The school alerted parents to the arrest in an email on Thursday afternoon.

South Fort Myers High School

“I’m a student here so it was very nerve wracking,” said Yadieo Torres, a senior at the high school.

The email credits the fact action to the tip received from a concerned student.


“If you say something, you could save lives,” Torres said.

That’s exactly what happened here. A student spoke up and may have prevented a tragedy.

“It’s dangerous for someone to load a gun and bring it to school,” he said.

Students leaving after sports practices on Thursday were still unaware that one of their classmates brought a loaded gun in their vehicle.

“I didn’t even know about it until right now,” said Elizabeth Mummert, a freshman student.

“It shouldn’t be something that happens at all,” added Victoria Mummert, a junior. “It shouldn’t be an option to bring a gun to school.”

The thought of violence in the classroom is now on the back of their minds with this close call just two days into the school year.

“Just don’t bring a gun to school,” Torres said. “You shouldn’t even have a gun at all.”

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