State of Florida aiming to cap how much medical marijuana patients can use


If you’re one of the more than half a million people in Florida who uses medical marijuana, you need to know the State of Florida is now going to limit just how much you can use.

Some doctors who prescribe it fear it could send many patients looking for alternative ways of getting it.

Nearly six years after voters in Florida voted to legalize medical marijuana, the state now wants to cap the amount of THC patients have access to. Some doctors who prescribe it say that decision is creating chaos.

Dr. Heather Auld owns the Compassionate Cannabis Clinic in Fort Myers and doesn’t believe the new rule is fair to cannabis patients.

“They’re not treating it like medicine and it is medicine,” Dr. Auld said.

She’s referring to the state’s new emergency rule which says patients cannot use more than 24,500 mg of THC in 70 days, that’s roughly one ounce of smokable marijuana.

“Once they reach that max they are no longer allowed to get anymore,” Dr. Auld explained.


She argues no other needed medications like heart pills or blood thinners would be restricted from patients.

“I can’t even imagine them saying sorry you can only have so much Coumadin per week and that’s it,” Dr. Auld said.

While most patients don’t meet their allowable cap her concern is for terminally ill patients who may need more THC.

Doctors can ask for a medical exemption for patients with any of these conditions but they are warned doctors can face a crime if the condition can’t be proven.

“Unless I fill out a medical exemption and then my license is on the line to say if they approve it or not,” Dr. Auld noted.

Tara Mina grows her own hemp in rural Lee County and believes there should be limitations on the amount of THC people can consume medically.

Her crop contains low levels of THC. She supports regulations on marijuana after being diagnosed with a rare condition.

“Some people are getting sick from Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome because they’re reaching a level of toxicity because they don’t have a dosage instruction or education on it,” she said.

Mina believes limiting THC will help keep people safe.

However, Michael Jones who operates the Martian Smoke Shop in downtown Fort Myers believes people can get the same medical benefits from hemp derived products that contain THC.

Jones said new state rules will likely have more people using Delta 8 and Delta 10 products which he said are more convenient and cost effective.

He believes more medical marijuana patients may avoid seeing doctors altogether.

Patients are facing these new limits just as there is a renewed effort to legalize marijuana recreationally in the state. A group hopes to get that on the 2024 ballot in hopes of avoiding all of the state rules.

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