Story 2 Share: Trials and Tribulations of College Move-In


From endless trips to Target to heartfelt goodbyes, the first-year college move-in experience can be as stressful as it is emotional. 

The NBC2 Story2Share team tagged along with three families as they prepared to send off their children to Florida Gulf Coast University. 

“The first [child being moved in] was upsetting,” Tim Osbourne, whose daughter Ashley is a first-year student at FGCU, said. “This one was like ‘Thank God, another one is gone.’” he added jokingly. 

For Lisa and Michael Perretta, the experience was a bit more sentimental. 

Their daughter Lauren is the youngest of their two children. 

“I don’t know how I’m going to do it, I really don’t,” Lisa said of saying goodbye to Lauren. 

Watch the video above to see more moments – some funny, others sweet – from FGCU’s move-in “week”. 


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