Strangers from across America help search for two-year-old’s lost teddy bear


SANIBEL, Fla. — Keyleigh Ferrari and her family couldn’t have asked for a better vacation this summer on Sanibel Island. But right before the trip ended, something unexpected happened: Keyleigh’s two-year-old son Harrison lost his teddy bear. 

Harrison and the bear had been inseparable since it was purchased on another vacation in Tennessee. 

“He brought it everywhere,” Keyleigh said. “It was awesome.” 

As a last-ditch effort to find the bear, Keyleigh posted about the incident on a Sanibel Island Facebook group. Soon, dozens of people commented offering help. 

“It was so meaningful,” Keyleigh said. 

Fellow vacationers visiting from across America have volunteered to search for the bear. Others who live near where the bear was bought in Tennessee have offered to purchase a new one. 

“It reminded me of so many summers on the beach with my family,” Christi Hinote, who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, said. “It just touched my heartstrings.”


She has since searched for a replacement at stores in Gatlinburg where the bear was purchased. 

“People need to reach out to each other more often now than ever and just show some compassion,” Christi said. 

While the bear has still not been found, the generosity shown toward the Ferrari family has made them want to return to Sanibel. 

“After this outreach, it’s just our new favorite spot,” Keyleigh said. 

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