Tampa General Hospital named America’s best employer for women


Forbes released its annual rankings for America’s Best Employers for Women and Tampa General Hospital secured the No. 1 spot in the nation.

The academic medical center jumped 12 spots from its 2021 ranking due to its excellence in leadership, diversity and top women performers.

“This recognition showcases our commitment by highlighting the support we specifically provide to women,” said TGH President and CEO John Couris. “Our priority is to understand what all our team members need and what is important to them in their lives so in return, we can provide support in ways that are most impactful to them.”

Tampa General’s belief is grounded in caring for their team as a whole person, understanding that team members have lives outside of work. To help support their team members, TGH continues to evolve programs that can be beneficial to the needs of women, including flexibility, growth and development opportunities, health, wellness and family support.

Female leadership is strong at TGH.

Women comprise 50% of corporate suite executives and 70% of the senior vice president team. The academic medical center supplies pathways for its team members to grow within TGH and hone their leadership skills.

Through their unique educational and professional development programs, team members can attend the People Development Institute (PDI), which offers classes through a partnership with the University of South Florida (USF) Muma College of Business at no charge. Through a Tampa General Foundation grant, all Tampa General team members can access classes on topics such as technical and emotional skills, finance and leadership competencies.

Forbes partnered with the market research company Statista to offer its annual rankings of America’s Best Employers for Women.

A survey of 50,000 Americans compiled the 2022 rankings — 30,000 women and 20,000 men — working for businesses with at least 1,000 employees. The evaluation was based on four criteria including:

— Direct recommendations on work topics: Working conditions, diversity and how likely team members would be to recommend their employer to others.

— Direct recommendations on topics related to women: Rating employer’s attitude towards parental leave, family support, flexibility, discrimination, representation and career and pay equity.

— Indirect recommendations from women on other employers: Identifying other employers in their respective industries that stood out either positively or negatively in regard to diversity.

— Representation and diversity among top executives and boards: The survey ranked through an index that measured the share of women in executive or board positions in an organization.

TGH previously ranked 13th nationally in 2021 for Forbes’ America’s Best Employers for Women.

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