The best Governor money can buy? New video claims donors are Ron DeSantis’ base


A new video from a group of the Governor’s fiercest critics contends Ron DeSantis is the “best Governor money can buy.”

DeSantis Watch, an independent third-party group that continues to spotlight what it sees as the Governor’s transactional nature, is out with a new send-up of infomercials that pretends to market Florida’s Governor like he’s a box of Ginsu knives.

“Ron DeSantis will come to you if you’ve got enough cash,” insists a cheerily voiced female narrator.

“Are you a billionaire or a wealthy corporation afraid you might have to pay your fair share of taxes or stop polluting our planet? Are you a massive utility company that wants to continue to gouge your locked-in customers for all they’re worth? Ever wanted to play a round of golf with a politician who believes he’s going to be president one day? Have we got a deal for you,” reads the DeSantis Watch summation of the concept for this nearly two-minute video.

The snark continues in the clip.

“While this Governor of Florida was formerly owned solely by one resident of Palm Beach, he’s now on the market for anyone with a large enough bank account to make a down payment on his presidential ambitions,” the narrator contends.

The spot goes on to spotlight how five-figure donations can score supporters a round of golf with the Governor and other such considerations.

“For just a small portion of your astronomical net worth, Ron DeSantis will take away your freedoms to keep the fat cats happy,” the narrator enthuses.

“Floridians are dealing with an affordability crisis that has rents skyrocketing, property insurance rates going through the roof, and utility bills that have doubled in some places, but Ron doesn’t care, he’s too focused on himself and the donors fueling his political ambitions,” said DeSantis Watch Constituencies Director Natasha Sutherland.

“Ron DeSantis loves to spend time with his billionaire buddies and collect checks from his wealthy corporate donors, so we are happy to provide them with this valuable infomercial on what they can expect in return. Act now though: the DeSantis governorship ends in November!”

See the video below.

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