Thieves go on car break-in spree in San Carlos Park area


SAN CARLOS PARK, Fla. — About half a dozen cars were broken into in the San Carlos Park area late Tuesday and early Wednesday morning.

Thieves went through cars and even slashed one woman’s tire.

They broke into a pickup truck, getting away with $50.

Neighbors said car doors were open, but they didn’t hear a sound. No windows were smashed.

Many found out because authorities said there were a bunch of credit cards lying in a ditch.

The community is wondering why the alarms didn’t go off.

“The doors were open and the lights were on. Everything, I didn’t have anything valuable in there but everything was strung out around my car,” said Ashley Turetzkin.


“They were able to break in so it tells me that these kids were either smart or whoever is doing this knows how to pick a lock,” said Rashad Shelton.

Multiple people in the area filed a report with the sheriff’s office.

They hope authorities will find who did this.

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