Thousands of bees swarm porch light outside Cape Coral home


CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A bee expert said a Cape Coral family is lucky after a swarm of bees was seen on their porch light. However, some residents would think otherwise.

At first glance, it looks like these bees are plotting a home takeover in cape coral.

“He’s going to have to call pest control or something,” resident Jaiden Criten said.

And residents want to put up a defense, thinking these bees are doing the same thing.

“Sealing the holes around the house, making sure there is no access for them to get in,” another resident Joe Runco said.

Although an FGCU bee expert said the Cape Coral resident who saw the swarm was actually quite lucky.

“It’s called a swarm and what these bees are doing is they are splitting one of their colonies in two,” Billy Gunnels said.


Gunnels studies animal behaviors at the college. He said when bee colonies are looking for a new home. They are not looking to hurt you.

“This is a time when beekeepers will go out and collect new colonies,” Gunnels said.

They tend to move on quite quickly, although sometimes they leave behind wax.

“That a swarm will come back, that does not mean that they will set up a colony there, they use their wax to help them locate places,” he said.

Gunnels said it is rare they will get into your house or your walls, but if they do, call a beekeeper for help.

“You don’t want to kill them inside of a house because you’ll have pesticides around you as well,” he said.

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