Three men were arrested for illegally dumping a boat


COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — Collier County Sheriff’s Office arrested three men after they dumped a boat at a canal on Everglades boulevard on Tuesday.

One deputy spotted a blue Ford truck pulling a large boat, and half of the boat hanging off the trailer. He then noticed that there were four people inside and that they have drove from one side of the road to another.

“I had a suspicion that the subjects intended to dump the boat,” the report read.

The deputy then parked on the side and used binoculars to see where the truck was heading. After seeing that the truck was backing up into the canal he called for backup.

“At this point, I could no longer see the boat over the top of the truck. it was clear that the subjects had dumped the boat into the canal,” The report read.

As the car drove away, the deputy decided to stop the vehicle and waited for backup. When deputy Sudano arrived, the four occupants, Roger Otero Ochoa, Jorge Luis Fernandez Machado, Yosmani Caceras and Yalily Minguez Ayuso, exited the vehicle and were detained.

Deputies noticed a large hole in the aquatic plants made by the boat sinking onto the canal. Marks of blue paint on the floor, trailer and truck were photographed as evidence.


Ayuso was first questioned and explained that the boat was in the water and that she watched them dumb the boat but did not participate.

When Roger was questioned he said there wasn’t a boat on his trailer.

All four were transported to the Estate’s Substations for further investigation.

The other two occupants also denied dumping the boat, even after deputies confronted them with facts they did not confess.

Ayuso was not charged and is considered a witness at the time. However, Roger, Yosmani and Jorge were transported to Immokalee Jail and are charged with dumping litter in a conservation environment.

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