Three people arrested for stealing $200k from Punta Gorda widow


PUNTA GORDA, Fla. – Three people have been arrested after breaking into the home of their father’s widow and making off with multiple items including jewelry and guns.

Herbert Ennis, Brian Ferguson and Donna Ferguson were all arrested after they reportedly broke into and stole items from two residences owned by their late father and his wife.

Their father, Gary Ferguson, passed away on January 14th. According to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, he was separated from the victim, but still legally married to her at the time of his passing. The two would live in properties right next door to one other in Punta Gorda.

Following Gary’s passing, the victim invited his children to come and stay at one of the homes, instead of worrying about other accommodations.

On January 15th, the victim left to pick up another family member. After returning three hours later, she was told by Brian Ferguson that he had taken multiple items from both properties that he felt belonged to his father and not the victim.

Home video surveillance showed Brian, Herbert and Donna approach the victim’s residence via golf cart before entering the home. They were observed entering multiple rooms and going through couch cushions searching for various items. It’s believed they dropped the stolen items off a balcony on the second floor to avoid the cameras and drove the golf cart on a path where cameras could not observe them leaving.

The victim asked them to return the items, but only returned a container that was still missing several items.


On January 17th, the victim noticed the individuals loading additional items from the other residence before taking off.

A portion of the stolen items was jewelry, with many of the pieces belonging to another person who was looking to sell the items through consignment.

The estimated value of items stolen from the victim’s property was believed to be $95,000. From the adjacent home belonging to the late father, it’s estimated $118,790 worth of property was stolen, including five firearms with an estimated value of $7,000.

Herbert Ennis, Brian Ferguson and Donna Ferguson were all arrested and have been charged with burglary, grand theft of property and grand theft of a firearm.

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