Tracking The Tropics: A new area to watch in the Atlantic


A broad area of low pressure out in the Atlantic has produced an increase in showers and thunderstorm Sunday evening. The area we are tracking is several hundred miles south-southeast of Bermuda.

The National Hurricane Center is giving this area a low chance for formation in the coming days. Right now, the chances for development are 10% for both 2 days and 5 days out.

The low is expected to track to the north-northwest over the next couple of days. However, as it does so it will be running into a higher sheared environment. Tropical struggles to gain intensity in a high sheared atmosphere as tropical systems are vertically stacked. Unless the shear in this area shaded in red can begin to reduce, the low will struggle to gain momentum in the coming days.

We are quickly approaching the peak of hurricane season and though the tropics are quiet for now, this is still expected to be an above average season.

Stay prepared this hurricane season and count on the NBC 2 team to keep you informed. 

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