Tracking the Tropics: Danielle becomes the first hurricane of the season


We officially have the first hurricane of the 2022 Hurricane Season and it will not be impacting the United States.

Tropical Storm Danielle has been upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane. The waters in this region of the North Atlantic are abnormally warm and the atmosphere overhead has very low shear, this allowed for quick intensification.

Hurricane Danielle will be what we call a “fish storm” meaning that it will stay out in the waters and not impact land. 

This year has been quite an odd year seeing that La Niña conditions are currently at play, which tends to usually produce a fairly active season. However, this year, we went from July 3rd through August 31 without a single named storm in the Atlantic Basin.

This has not happened since 1941. However, in 1941 a strong El Niño was in place which led to a calmer season. In addition, it had been 25 years since we went through the whole month of August without a named storm.


On average, our first hurricane develops by August 11th. 

We are also continuing to monitor the other two areas of concern in the Atlantic Basin. One of which still has a high probability of development and could become our next depression. 

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Now’s the time of year to get ready should a storm threaten us in the future. Get caught up on your tropical weather knowledge here.

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