Tracking the Tropics: Danielle begins to weaken as Earl slowly strengthens


We are closing in on the peak of hurricane season. That peak is this Saturday, September 10th. The U.S. remains clear of any threats from tropical systems.

Over the last few hours, Hurricane Danielle has started to weaken as it continues to drift to the north-northeast into cooler waters. Daniele is expected to weaken in the coming days as it does travel further into cooler waters.

Although Danielle has been a “fish storm” and has not impacted land, some data plots do indicate that Danielle may reach Western Europe as a tropical cyclone sometime towards the weekend into next week.

Tropical Storm Earl is expected to continue to strengthen over the next couple of days and become our next hurricane.

The data still suggest that Earl could become our first major hurricane of the season as it passes Bermuda by next weekend. 

Lastly, we are still monitoring an area off the coast of Africa, formation chances have increased to 40% in the next five days.

Be sure you are prepared by counting on the NBC2 First Alert Hurricane Tracking Team.  You can brush up on your tropical weather knowledge using our NBC2 online hurricane guide+ here!


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