Tracking the Tropics: Hurricane Danielle and Tropical Storm Earl pose no threat to the United States


Hurricane Danielle and Tropical Storm Earl continue spinning over the Atlantic Ocean this evening, though neither pose a threat to the United States. At the moment, the only area of land that could be impacted by either storm is the island of Bermuda, which will likely be east of the center of Tropical Storm Earl later this week.  

As of 5 p.m. Monday, the center of Tropical Storm Earl is approximately 300 miles north of the US Virgin Islands, with a forward speed away from land toward the north-northwest. Trailing tropical moisture from the storm will keep the chance for heavy rain active through the night for parts of the Virgin Islands and neighboring Puerto Rico. 

Earl will continue moving away from the islands for the next several days, eventually making a northeast turn later this week. At the moment, Bermuda is close to the forecast cone for Earl, but the island will likely end up east of the center of circulation as the storm pulls out to sea.  

Hurricane Danielle continues moving over the open northern Atlantic Ocean. The storm is not a threat to any areas of land. 

The only other area of the Atlantic tropics being monitored at the moment is a tropical wave emerging off of western Africa.  At the moment, this has low development odds in the next two days but has up to a 50% chance of forming into at least a tropical depression by the end of the week. Right now, the wave is likely to move into the open central Atlantic, meaning any impacts to land appear very low. 

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